Participate in the development of a transportation management SAAS solution

Matawan services

In short

I worked on a cloud-centric backend used by various devices installed inside any transportation vehicle (bus, tram…) to give feedback to transport companies and allow passengers to travel between multiple transportation networks.


Design, create, maintain ApiPlatform REST API microservice
Create a skeleton for microservices

PHP 7.4 / 8, Symfony 4.4 / 5, PostgreSQL, Docker, PHPUnit

Participate in the migration of a monolithic single-tenant application to a multi-tenant microservice architecture

CakePHP, PHP 5.6, PHP 7.4, RabbitMQ, Redis, Jenkins, GCP

Create Vue.js components and maintain the related REST API to manage firmware versions of mobile and embedded hardware

Vue.js, ApiPlatform

Develop an interoperability system between different transportation networks using INTERBOB messages.

CakePHP, PHP 7.4, FTP

Integrate quality tools in GitLabCI and give a presentation about them

Infection, PHPStan

Improve makefiles, docker images, Jenkins pipeline, code coverage, and create helper scripts to help the team

Make, Bash, Docker, Jenkins, Capistrano, Ruby, PHPUnit

Write technical designs, cooperate fully in English with Foreign developers